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Project 43 Programs

Making a Difference Where It Counts

There are many opportunities to support Project 43. Select your areas of service and financial contribution.

Community Garden

Project 43’s community garden will serve as a teaching space to teach health, wellness and self sufficiency, and will support our Culinary Kitchen. program.

Community Pantry

Project 43's community pantry provides nutritious food to our community.

Community Workshop

Here is you chance to bring your talents to your community.

Culinary Kitchen

Project 43's culinary kitchen classes will be taught and scholarships will be awarded to anyone who wants to attend culinary school. We will also be using the kitchen to service our homeless community.

Computer Lab

Project 43's computer lab is set up to accommodate several computer stations for both youth and adults. The lab will also be used to teach business, marketing and financial literacy.

Music Lab

We our podcast center you will learn Broadcasting and marketing skills.

Homeless Program

We all need a helping hand some time project 43 is here to help will the needs of our unhoused community.

Dress for Success

We recognize clothing can restore a person’s self-esteem and dignity. A new suit or dress, a shirt and tie, and a pair of shoes, can raise a person’s spirit and reassure them they are worthy of respect.