Essential Worker’s Award

Founder of Project 43 Ann Cooper has recently been awarded with the Chime in for change makers contest.

In grateful appreciation of extraordinary service and commitment to the community, Project 43 and its founder Ann Cooper was nominated and awarded with the 2021 Essential Worker’s Award.

A word from the founder “A wonderful surprise today I am so appreciative that Project43 is being recognized. I would like to thank @theamaichle for nominating me for Chime in for change makers contest sponsored by Chime Online Banking I will continue to keep running the marathon and donate the whole prize to project 43 in order to purchase our cooking equipment for our patio please check out all the nominees and see what they’re doing for their community”

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About Project 43

Project 43 Team Post Center empowers and supports historically underserved communities by engaging people in a dignified way, that encourages everyone to better themselves, their lives and their community.

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