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Oranee Jordan

Culinary Kitchen

Our kitchen will be used to repurpose donated food, introduce new food products, share cultural food traditions, and prepare meals for the unhoused. Also, we will prepare meals for older adults who might not be able to prepare meals for themselves.

We are fundraising to purchase fixtures and install infrastructure needed for the kitchen space. We are currently developing the blueprint with RIOS, an internationally acclaimed design firm located in the Crenshaw district.

Our vision is to offer a curriculum leading to a certified culinary arts program. We envision offering scholarships for eligible participants and job placement in the food and hospitality industry.

Thank you for your generous support. Your contribution will enable us to decrease food insecurity today and train the culinary staff of the future.

Help Project 43 Provide Our Homeless Brothers & Sisters With Needed Food and Help Our Youth With Culinary Skills For The Future With Your Generous Donation.